Individuals who are leading, engaged and contributing towards environmental sustainability, climate action and protection of our natural habitat.

Definition of the term Environment

The term “environment” is to be interpreted broadly, including but limited to the following areas of work –

  • Control of Pollution.
  • Conservation of natural resources.
  • Rational utilisation of depletable resources.
  • Environmental Planning and management.
  • Outstanding fieldwork for the enrichment of the environment e.g. afforestation, land reclamation, water treatment, air purification, green energy etc.
  • Creating awareness of environmental issues and influencing change in the behaviour of the masses.

Rules for Nomination Application:

  • Last Date of Application 15 October, 2023.
  • The Award is only for an individual
  • The Award recipient’s work must have had an impact on Mumbai Metropolitan Region
  • For being considered for the Award, the name of the individual must be recommended, in writing, preferably by person/s belonging to any of the following categories, who may/or may not be invited by Mumbai First to send recommendations:
    • Members of the Steering Committee of the S.P Godrej Environment Award
    • Members of the Jury of the S.P. Godrej Environment Award International/Domestic organizations whose aims and objects almost match with the objects of the Award
    • Any other person to whom Mumbai First may wish to invite to submit proposals for the Award
  • The nomination of the deceased will not be considered.
  • Submit factual information on the basis of the stated criteria.
  • Mumbai First may defer or withhold conferring the Award in any year if, in the opinion of the Steering Committee, no nominee/s is found suitable for receiving the Award.
  • Mumbai First reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Awards enforcing the force majeure in the occurrence of any natural or manmade events and/or due to unforeseen conditions that are beyond our control.